These blog times are a-changing – The Orange County Register

These blog times are a-changing – Letters to the Editor : The Orange County Register.

I don’t know if the OC Register will publish MY comment so here it is:

frankhsmith (that’s me) says:

Well then – goodbye

Facebook has repeatedly exposed my private information to the world resulting in unwanted sales calls to my cell phone and directed phishing emails to my email account

Facebook is not secure – in fact, the way they are always changing the security settings sure looks like that’s what their plan is.

To give users private info to spammers and phone salesmen.

I wasn’t unfair to Facebook. I gave them 3 strikes, which I think is fair enough.

Took them only 6 months to get to the third strike

As far as the Register’s new policy? Shoving Facebook down my throat isn’t an act of respecting my Freedom.

California is done – stick a fork in it. The OC Register has drank the “bigger government, more rules” koolaid


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