Why I switched to Linux

Back in early 2005 I started playing around with RedHat Linux 7.3 because the “Tech Guy” Leo LaPorte had talked about it on his radio show on KFI Radio.

The RedHat Linux 7.3 was on a CD in the back of a book on Linux. After a while I played around with RedHat Enterprise Linux, which I was naïve to buy and then – SuSE (Novell), which I also bought.

My dream then was to run Linux on a laptop for immunity to MalWare.

Then I succeeded in getting UBUNTU 6.04 running with WiFi on my Dell Inspiron 3200. It was difficult as I had to use a Windows Driver to use the WiFi card.

 Since then I have used later versions of UBUNTU on both my home desktop system and my laptops.

 Why am I staying with Linux?

  1. It is a very efficient system for serious work with the multiple desktops and many excellent applications.

  2. There are 1,000,000+ reasons (and counting) that Windows is not secure – virus, Trojans and spyware

  3. Budget – I’m not rich and I’d prefer using free Open Source software and spend the money instead on hardware upgrades

 Isn’t Linux hard to use? No. It’s different. There is a learning curve, but no heavy lifting to use Linux.

 Linux has one very big advantage over Windows (besides being much more secure) – choice. There are different Desktop Managers. That’s the Interface with the Desktop and Mouse Interface. With Windows you only have – Windows.

 There are versions of Linux Desktop that’s much like the Macintosh. Several like Windows. A few that are unlike either. Choice

Choice is good.

One other thing about Linux that’s really nice. You can “testdrive” Linux on your system to see if you like it. Try all those versions of the Linux Desktop. Do so without being a Linux Geek or changing your system at all

Linux “distros” come on CDs that you boot on called “Live CDs”


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